At Sanctuarymuch, you're welcome!
At Sanctuarymuch, you're welcome!
Illustration for article titled This little guy rode to work with me today, at 60mph.

So I go out to my car this morning to go to work, and this katydid is on the door to my car. I figured he’d be fine after the wind blew him off, so I didn’t worry about it. I drive about 11 miles to work, on pretty good roads, so I get up to about 60 mph some of the time. Window down, cruising, I see this little green movement out of the corner of my eye - it’s the katydid! I didn’t want him to get in the car and fry during the day, so I rolled up the window. He climbed up the window at 50-60 mpg - climbed up the glass! When I got to work, he was on the roof of the car, chillin’. I looked online but I didn’t find anything about katydid feet. I can see the hooks there on the picture, and it appears that he’s actually standing on a flatter part of his feet. Anybody have good info about how he might have been able to hang on and actually climb up glass in a 60mph wind?

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